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Our History

Since 1968, MikaelRug (Mr. Mikaeli and his son) craved a niche in contemporary, traditional and tribal rug sales, expert repair, cleaning and appraisal. Our products and services are second to none. We offer full range of exquisite collection in our gallery and outlet store.

We are a family business that has been around for 3 generations, continuing in the TRADITION, passed down to us from our progenitors.

At MikaeliRug, we are continuing in the tradition of expert carpet craftsmanship by providing you and your home beautiful collection of exotic antique rugs to decorate and reveal the full essence of your personality.

A carefully woven rug is a defining piece of art in any space it occupies. Not only beautiful to look at, but the rug also brings a comforting warmth and coziness to your home.

From the halls of kings to medieval and contemporary palaces, the antique rug has played a defining role in the decorative ambiance of many rooms.

Take a look at the beautiful samples beside me.. imagine them spread out in your living space.

From Persia to United States, the rug culture has been an integral part of the people's lives, a medium to tell their stories and share their heritage. This same culture has been passed down from generations and the craft, spread across the great oceans to reach various continents.

Today, what used to be the exclusive preserve of kings and royalty is available for all.

Having a difficult time making a choice from our array? We can help. We have expert rugs inventory specialist that can help YOU make the right choice of rug for your space.

For us, it is more than just a family business… it is our tradition!

You can experience the uniqueness of the MikaeliRug with a little investment. We cater to all taste and concepts. Need to know more?

Call today and a rug expert will help with any inquiry you may have.